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Sekurno Recognized by Clutch as a Global Leader in Cybersecurity

Updated: Jun 6

The image displays a graphic with a headline stating "Sekurno ranked as a Global Leader #1" by Clutch. In the background, there's a faint outline of the world map. In the foreground, there's a large blue circle with the letter "U" inside, labeled with the number 1, which appears to represent Sekurno. Surrounding this are four smaller circles, each with a different icon and labeled 2 to 5, implying these are other companies ranked behind Sekurno. The icons inside these circles may represent different aspects or offerings of the companies. The entire graphic suggests a ranking or rating system where Sekurno is highlighted as the top global leader.

A Testament to Real Security and Client Satisfaction

We are thrilled to announce that Sekurno has been recognized as a Global Leader in Cybersecurity by Clutch, a leading B2B research, ratings, and reviews company. This prestigious recognition is not just a badge of honor for us but a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering real, impactful cybersecurity solutions.

What Does This Ranking Mean?

Among the approximately 7,000 companies offering cybersecurity services listed on Clutch, Sekurno stands out at the forefront, having been distinguished as the number one choice in this competitive field.

The Clutch ranking is meticulously calculated based on several critical factors:

  • Client Reviews: Authentic feedback from our clients on our services' impact and quality.

  • Ability to Deliver Score: Our proven track record in delivering exceptional cybersecurity services.

  • Focus on Cybersecurity: Our dedicated specialization and expertise in cybersecurity.

  • Market Presence: Our visibility and reputation in the cybersecurity space.

  • Project Summation: The overall volume and scale of cybersecurity projects we have successfully executed.

The image shows a webpage displaying a "Leaders Matrix" of top cybersecurity consulting companies. There's a scatter plot graph with two axes labeled "Ability to Deliver" and "Focus," dividing the plot into four quadrants: "Niche," "Emerging," "Proven," and "Market Leaders." Various companies are represented as colored dots scattered across the quadrants, with "Sekurno" highlighted as a market leader. To the right of the graph is a list titled "Clutch Leaders Matrix," with company names numbered 1 through 15, where "Sekurno" is listed at the top. There are navigation options such as "Reviews," "Leaders Matrix," "Packages," and "Pricing" at the top of the page. The page's last update is noted as December 11, 2023.

Beyond Paper-Deep Security

This recognition reaffirms our belief that modern businesses seek more than just superficial security assurances. They demand robust, real-world security solutions – a domain where Sekurno excels. We understand that cybersecurity isn't just about checking boxes ☑️ ; it's about providing a secure foundation that allows businesses to grow and thrive securely.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to cybersecurity is centered around responsiveness, adaptability, and constant improvement. We prioritize fine-tuning processes to rapidly respond to our clients' needs. Our CEO aptly puts it: "Acknowledging the potential for security gaps in both organizations and processes is crucial. Early recognition paves the way for swift and effective improvements." We view cybersecurity not as a mere expense but as an investment that yields measurable returns, evidenced by our clients successfully closing more deals and enhancing their market standing.

Project Management: The Cornerstone of Success

Transparency and strict adherence to deadlines are the pillars of our project management ethos. We understand the criticality of meeting deadlines and maintaining open communication channels with our clients. This strict discipline in project management is reflected in the positive feedback from our clients and the successful outcomes of our projects.

Global Leader in Cybersecurity - A Collective Achievement

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our clients and partners. This achievement is not just ours alone; it is a shared success that reflects the strong partnerships we have forged and the collaborative efforts to uphold cybersecurity at its highest standards.

Together, we continue to strive for a secure digital landscape where businesses can operate without fear, assured of their cybersecurity measures. As we celebrate this milestone, we recommit ourselves to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of a safer cyber world.

Sekurno - Market Leader in cybersecurity!

For more information about our services and how we can help secure your business, email us or schedule a call with us. Together, let's build a safer digital future.


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